Climate Neutral Printing as a Factor for Success

ClimatePartner enables you to offer climate neutral printing – effortlessly and transparently

With ClimatePartner’s Footprint Manager, you can calculate the carbon emissions generated by your printing orders in a detailed manner, and then compensate those emissions at the push of a button via certified carbon offset projects. Moreover, we’ll support you in communicating and marketing your new services.

Not only are organizations from industry, commerce, and the public sector now underscoring environmental consciousness with climate neutral printing, they are also increasingly requiring climate friendly production in tendering. ClimatePartner’s Footprint Manager provides you with an individualized solution package for capacitating your customers in climate protection.

Everything in One Package for Climate Neutral Printing

Carbon Management

Calculation of carbon balance and configuring your carbon calculator

Calculation of carbon emissions and your print shop’s carbon balance in order to document your commitment and identify potential for reduction
Activation of your individualized carbon calculator on Footprint Manager for calculating the carbon emissions generated by your printing orders
Provision of an IT interface for integrating carbon computation and compensation into your current calculation software or online shop

Offsetting the carbon emissions from your printing products

Emissions offset in Footprint Manager at the push of a button
Selection from over 20 certified carbon offset projects meeting various internationally recognized standards, e.g. the Gold Standard, VCS, and Social Carbon
Vermarktung Klimaschutzaktivitäten

Product labeling and marketing

Transparency via ClimatePartner labels featuring an ID number and QR code specific to the respective order
Comprehensive marketing and sales package for marketing your service optimally
ClimatePartner Academy for training users and sales teams

That means climate protection is not only simple, it’s also transparent. And available at the push of a button.

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We maintain dialog with various industrial and environmental associations, and have also been an official consulting partner for the SME initiative of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) since July 2013.